How to Enhance the Value of Radiology Through Good Reading Room Design and Siting

In the evolving healthcare and reimbursement landscape radiology must enhance its contribution to patient care. Referring physician and patient engagement is but one opportunity to reinforce the expertise and achieve this goal. Optimized design and siting of the reading room environment can facilitate these efforts.

This white paper is valuable for Radiology professionals looking to:

  1. Understand how optimized reading room environments can enhance communications and customer service.
  2. Benefit from the latest thinking in reading room design and siting.
  3. Enhance the contribution of radiology beyond the interpretation, per the Imaging 3.0 framework.

After reading this white paper you will understand the many benefits of optimized reading room environment design and siting, including:

  1. Support the operational and strategic goals of the radiology department.
  2. Balance productivity and enhanced customer service to increase referrals.
  3. Optimize comfort and ergonomics.
  4. Reinforce expertise through face-to-face communications.