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We provide seamlessly integrated, made-to-order workstation solutions that transform any medical imaging reading environment, whether a home office, remote reading facility or centralized reading room. Our radiology PACS furniture is the foundation of a healthy, ergonomic reading environment that maximizes productivity, efficient workflow, sustained comfort and improved health.

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“Their products are exceptional in design and quality. They were able to custom design the workstations to fit our specific needs and also design the overall layout to achieve the maximum benefit given the space limitations we faced.”

Woojin Kim, MD, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Radiography Modality Chief, Associate Director of Imaging Informatics
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

ComfortViewTM Monitor Mounts

Today's PACS and clinical IT systems enable radiologists to easily and instantly access an unprecedented amount of information from a single location. An unintended consequence of this revolution is a sedentary work environment that can lead to musculoskeletal pain, eye fatigue and other related injuries, while isolating the radiologist from the clinical care team.

The ComfortView™ Monitor Mounting System promotes neutral posture that minimizes stress on the spine and can reduce visual fatigue. It’s robust design and motorized height adjustment facilitates optimal height, depth and viewing angle of the entire monitor array, for all users, regardless of monitor configuration size or weight. This is also important to facilitating consultative situations when a number of individuals may need to simultaneously view the PACS displays or a workstation is shared amongst radiologists.

“RedRick has been helping CPMC create optimum radiology reading environments for over a decade. Their attention to detail and creative approach to designing ergonomic workstations tailored to our unique spaces and workflow have been a tremendous benefit to our radiologist. ”

Margo Cusack, RT, CRA
Director of Imaging and Cardiovascular Services
California Pacific Medical Center

The Benefits of Ergonomic Sit/Stand Workstations

icon-checkmark Productivity boosts of 5%, on average.

icon-checkmark Increased radiologist comfort, health, and well-being.

icon-checkmark Greater collaboration and customer engagement.

Poor ergonomics can lead to repetitive strain injuries (RSI), pain, discomfort, headaches and fatigue.

Studies show that sitting too frequently throughout the day significantly increases health risks such as premature heart failure.


People who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to die from heart attacks.

Know the Risks

Workstation Ambient Lighting

The visual field directly behind and surrounding the PACS workstation monitors at each reading location should be illuminated by dimmable blue back light. Matching the intensity of this monitor backlighting to the brightness of the PACS monitors has been shown to reduce eye strain and fatigue, which benefits radiologist visual acuity and comfort.

Accessories Enhance the Experience

Workstation accessories enhance radiologist productivity by minimizing the impact of clutter that can cause distractions. They also enable personalization of shared workspaces without reducing usable work surface area, interfering with good ergonomics arrangements or requiring service personnel to crawl under workstations to access connection points. Task lighting should also be dimmable and on an adjustable gooseneck to enable desktop items to be illuminated without producing glare on any of the monitors.

“The quality and durability of the new RedRick equipment is very high. The attention to design details makes us feel confident that our new workstations will benefit our radiologists health and wellbeing, as well as job satisfaction, while looking as good in five years as they do now.”

Dr. Norm Thomson, General Radiology Section Chief
Augusta University Health

Reading Room Peripherals

To optimize reading room organization and workflow, we can provide coordinating peripheral items ranging from bookshelves and storage units to acoustic treatments and partitions. Because the reading room often supports many departmental needs, such item should be ergonomically designed and properly implemented to ensure the radiology departments broader clinical and customer service needs are met. They also ensure the reading room is a place where radiologists and their customers enjoy spending time.

Ergonomic Workstations are the Foundation

Radiologist workstations are only the tip of the iceberg in ergonomic reading room optimization.

We can help by implementing ergonomic principles to reading room organization and workflow using acoustic controls and partitions, storage systems and seating. This is critical because the reading room is a group setting that supports many needs. Our holistic approach ensures the reading room is a place where radiologists and their customers can be productive.

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