Good radiology reading room design should encompass more than ergonomic reading room furniture and seating surfaces.

Ergonomic principles should be applied to improvements in the radiology reading room location, layout and design, as well as furniture, as they collectively enable radiology to better meet the demands of patient-centered care and value-based imaging. To help healthcare providers meet these demands RedRick Technologies provides radiology reading room design consultation services in addition to ergonomic furniture.

Reading Room Location

Maximize radiologist visibility by centrally locating general reading rooms near technologists, referring physicians and patients, to facilitate the efficient communications that can improve customer service. Embed subspecialty reading rooms in relevant clinical areas to be closer to referring physicians and highlight “unrecognized need”.

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“As a result of optimizing the location and layout of the reading room, we are able to enhance the workflow for our radiologists and department staff.”

Dr. Kavita Dhamanaskar, MBBS, FRCPC, Medical Director
CIBC Breast Assessment Centre, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre

Reading Room Layout

Create a productive multipurpose environment that minimizes external distractions and serves the department’s operational needs.

bullet-check Primary radiologist reading

bullet-check Group teaching and conference

bullet-check Resident/Fellow meeting space

bullet-check One-on-one referring physician consultation

bullet-check Patient consultations

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“The new reading room creates an environment that allows the radiologists’ expertise to be conveyed effectively without the fatigue often caused by repeated and unintended interruptions. Efficient clinical staff interactions are facilitating more ad-hoc collaborations with clinical specialists and increasing camaraderie between physicians to the benefit of clinical care.”

Dr. George S. Bisset, Radiologist-In-Chief
Texas Children’s Hospital

Reading Room Design

Maximize radiologist focus and reduce sensory fatigue through the application of purposeful materials and systems optimization. This should include:

bullet-check Ambient and task lighting

bullet-check Floor and ceiling materials

bullet-check Wall and partition finishes and coverings

bullet-check HVAC requirements

bullet-check Sound control

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Ergonomics Education

We understand that ergonomics is not something you think about.

Often, we help departments develop their first ergonomic environment. As such, users are often unaware of the many details that ensure they realize all the benefits from their new workstations or reading room environment.

We take time to educate our customers on the proper use of their new ergonomic equipment to ensure the greatest possible benefits are realized. This includes proper adjustment of our sit/stand desks and all reading environment controls, including adjustment of your monitor arrays, an understanding of proper lighting adjustment and optimized seating.

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